Bargain Shopping Advice

First of all when you want to go shopping, do some research on the internet. If you know which stores you are planning on going to you can always find some coupons online. Signing up for the stores newsletters is always a great way to get coupons, but just browsing on the internet can also turn up great results. It is advisable to find printable coupons that you can take with you to the mall, but there are some instances where you could just show the store attendant the coupon on your phone. There are numerous app’s now that are designed to find coupons easily, if you have a smartphone this can really be a convenient option.

Another great way to save is to check online beforehand and see which of the stores are having sales. You can then go to these stores first and thus get more for your money to begin with. Most malls also have printable maps available, which you can use to plan out your route through the centre. This is especially handy in the case of outlet malls that can stretch out over miles. If you plan in this way ahead of time, you will spare yourself major frustration having to backtrack, still visit all the stores you were aiming to visit and get the savings you intended. You can find current sales and savings clubs easily on the official outlet mall websites.

When you arrive at the stores, you will notice if you haven’t already, that they always have very attractive displays in the windows and right when you enter the door that are hard to walk past. Resist the temptation to linger, however, and walk straight through to the back of the store. The clothes at the front of the store are rarely the ones on sale, they are the new arrivals, the store just got them and they want these items to catch your eye, but they will no doubt be the highest-priced items in the store (even though outlet stores will always show a deep discount from the MSRP on the tag).

It is a good idea to shop opposite seasons if you can. Get your winter gear at the end of winter and your summer attire at the end of summer. Shopping like this is hard for most because who doesn’t love to roll out in their new gear the very next day? However, if you can stick to your guns, this can be a massive money-saver. Some people also might not like this way of shopping because they like to follow the latest trends, but keep in mind that the normal population doesn’t rotate their entire wardrobe every season and especially in the case of some basics, you can always incorporate them into new looks. Another solution is getting spring fashion in summer and fall fashion in winter, which usually aren’t that different.

One last bit of advice is to wait if you can or look around for similar items at other stores if the price of something you fell in love with is really just to high. We all find ourselves completely head over heels for something from time to time, but by Murphy’s law that item is always the very pricey one in the window or on the front display. If you come to a mall frequently, consider waiting a week to three. More often than not you will be able to get that very item for half the price if you have the ability to wait. For outlet mall shoppers this is often not the case (think Allen Outlet Mall – almost 30 miles north of Dallas), so your best bet will be to keep shopping around and look for something similar, because many stores carry almost identical items every season. If you really can’t find anything, go back at the end of the day and get it if you really still want to.