Give to Get Works!

One of the biggest concerns about blogging is that you may give too much insight about your business techniques. Considering how helpful the internet has become: looking up “how to” rather than “who can do it for you” has become a practice that businesses wrongly fear.

What are they really looking for?

The fact is that blogs should provide helpful information and methods. Those that are looking for information that will help them do it themselves, probably weren’t looking for someone to do it for them in the first place. But, you can still take advantage of this particular situation and turn it to your benefit. Why not consider the fact that with valuable information, you attract those that want to do it themselves? If you don’t provide that information, then they will simply go elsewhere to find it. This is one of the untapped customer outlets that is often overlooked because there is fear that it will take business away. Instead, it can give you the opportunity to meet, talk, and discuss with those that weren’t exactly looking for your services, but now may be or know someone that is.

Give them what they want

This helps to position yourself as an expert in the field. Consider that those that are looking for ways to develop their own techniques will turn to you for the answers. Now think about how many people will ask them where they gathered that information. It’s far more likely that they’ll simply direct them to your sites rather than spend the time teaching or explaining to them. Now what you have is a larger traffic flow through your site. You are able to gain more attention and can therefore attract a larger amount of potential customers.

Now give them what they need

It’s time to focus on what you actually have to offer your clientele. You have presented yourself as a professional in your field, but it is your personalized services that you deliver to your customer that make you unique. This is where your edge is and can’t be replaced by information that you post in a blog. In order to express this particularly irreplaceable characteristic, the creation of credibility is still the most effective technique. When you know what you are talking about, and others realize this, you present them with the opportunity to work with an expert.

Consider someone that fixes your computer. This person goes into the system, resets the programs, eliminates threats, and more! They give you advice on how to prevent it in the future. Have you ever had a technician stroll into your office without explaining a single problem to you? No, and if you did, would you invite them back a second time? People value information and helpful hints. When something is, we want to know why. Being prepared to explain and teach others about your business is a practical part of customer relations. It helps them realize that you are indeed an expert.

Creating a blog that gives in order to receive

The strategy relies on your ability to blog about helpful tips concerning your business. While there is also the importance of including the vitality of your business, helpful information is perhaps one of the most demanded sources on the internet. Information, including technique, provides helpful tips that people want to read and examine. Then, depending on the application, they will want to practice it.

Better blogging relies on your ability to offer information to the public. Customers like to know how it works, and often times will research something before they buy into it. If your blog is simply a large add for your services or product, they may not be sold. By thoroughly explaining your methods and techniques, you are more likely to gain credibility amongst potential customers. They read and understand that you are an expert that is fully capable of providing the services they seek.

Also consider the fact that you are a local expert. While your business may be regional, your words can stretch across the world through the internet. Blogs are your gateway into social media through postings and tags. People see something that helps them, and while your services and products may focus on a general area (perhaps a specific hotel or local business in North Carolina), you are able to gain publicity with helpful and beneficial blogs. They share that information, publicizing your name, enforcing your image, and therefore creating credibility.

Creating a valuable blog is a crucial part of business. While expanding your image is vital, it can’t always be achieved by avoiding blogs and articles of helpful information related to your business. Instead, you must be willing to share your techniques, practices, and information with others. As others are able to bear witness to your expertise, you gain credibility. When others are willing to talk about you and your business, you get more than what you give.