Debt Consolidation – Today’s Outlet

Many individuals today who are suffering with consumer related debt are trying debt consolidation as today’s outlet and release from that debt load. This could be your story and a headline for any city in North America especially with an economy on the skids such as the debacle of 2009-2010 and hopefully not 2011. If those doomsday prognosticators are correct that would leave us with only a little over a year before 2012 the end of days!

Mayan Calendar

Regardless of what you believe about the Mayan Calendar if you are in debt right now and are in need of an outlet debt consolidation could be the key to that jail cell. Can you think back to a point in time during the last five years where you are actually in a good economic position? This means the residential bills that included but are not limited to mortgage/rent, utilities, food, gas, oil, clothing and the other sundries that are all considered consumer goods and services were all paid and with very little pain and suffering. In addition to the everyday bills there was also some wiggle room for an impromptu vacation or maybe even just a $100 dinner and a movie night with the lovely Mrs. If those times are long gone then it is time to think seriously about debt consolidation as a return to glory so to speak for you and your family.

Escaping the Chains of Debt

Escaping the chains of debt will be unlike any feeling or exciting event that you have felt before. The beauty of understanding that this is real and that you no longer have literally dozens of credit card payments staring you down each month is a nice feeling to have. We understand that physical incarceration is nothing to be made light of that but a very wise man once told everyone here that if you do the crime you do the time. The problem with an incarceration of debt is that there is no crime committed but the time is being served and served sometimes for decades at a clip.

Debt Consolidation as an Out

Debt consolidation can be the release and is the outlet for today’s in-debt individuals that are lining up in both brick-and-mortar offices for appointments with the many and valued debt consolidation professionals as well as virtually online. It is a good thing that so many avenues now exist for an individual who find themselves in debt and doesn’t really have any options or plans to get out of that mountain of debt. Debt consolidation offers an out as long as you accept the conditions and bring a can-do attitude to the game.

Debt Consolidation Loans and Resources

What Are The Largest And Most Lucrative Online Multilingual Markets Aside From English?

With Google reporting that over 50% of their traffic comes from multilingual searches, it has become crucial to consider developing a multilingual online presence. However, the question remains the same: Which markets to target? Which ones are the most important in terms of users, etc.?

First of all, let’s see which parts of the world feature the most users. Contrary to general belief, it is not North America! With close to 400 million users, Asia definitely takes the lead, followed by Europe with approximately 315 million users, in comparison to 232 million in North America (North America being defined as the U.S., Canada, and Mexico).

In my extensive experience with multilingual online applications, I have learned over the years to differentiate clearly the amount of users versus the market potentiality of a product or a service. For example, the Hispanic online market (between South and Central America, the U.S., the Caribbean and Spain) features slightly more users than the French-speaking market. But when it comes to buying power, countries like France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada (Quebec) have so much more buying power than Peru, Bolivia or Chile!

More than just buying power, we need to look at the cultural ramifications involved in internet behaviors. In other terms, is a specific market used to ordering & transacting online? For instance, compared to its amount of users, France is extremely active online, while French-speaking countries in Africa are proportionally inactive. The same applies when comparing Spain and some South American countries. If you were to compare the online buying habits between 100,000 users in Spain and the same number of users throughout South America, you would notice that people out of Spain order products and services at least 5 times more than their South American peers.
In many cases, it is not a matter of buying power, but rather mail order habits based on the country’s postal delivery system. In fact, in many countries where the postal system is unreliable (not to say flaky!), online users were not “groomed” with mail order habits prior to the internet. As a result, although such markets will look for products and services online, they certainly are not as mail order oriented as other countries featuring more efficient mailing systems.

Therefore, it is impossible to rely solely on the amount of users when considering establishing a multilingual presence online. Another good example to illustrate such fact would be China and Japan. China currently has almost 145 million users and it is one of the fastest growing markets on the internet. Japan, with 86 million users, has nearly reached its maximum potential with almost 70% of its population online. A very small proportion of online users in China own a credit card or even have the right to order what they want, while in Japan it is exactly the reverse.

Once again, no one should confuse the amount of users versus the buying power of a given market.

On the other hand, one needs to consider the worth of Third World markets/economically disadvantaged countries. For instance, countries like Bangladesh, Mozambique, Somalia, etc., might not seem very attractive at first. However, in Third World markets, those online are affluent and wealthy. In those countries, there is no middle class. Basically, you are either dirt poor or filthy rich! Online users in those countries belong to the the second category. Many online gambling portals and entertainment websites of all kinds have found high spenders in economically-disadvantaged-markets. In fact, wealthy individuals in Rwanda or Chad do not have many entertainment outlets in their homeland! Furthermore, most everything is lacking within their country infrastructure: clothing, electronics, etc. Online applications have therefore become a form of “entertainment salvation” for the wealthy minorities of third world markets.

Online multilingual markets are complex, and instead of looking at languages/countries just by their buying power or number of users, one should evaluate what they have to offer and define the marketability of their products and services accordingly.
Are you looking for end users to buy your products? Then look at the buying power of the targeted markets along with the reliability of their postal and transportation services. Are you a manufacturer looking to find more distributors/to increase your exports? Then chances are that the world is your oyster.

I advise you to perform a meticulous evaluation of your market potential when developing a presence on multilingual search engines. So many factors need to be taken into consideration…Do not look at Japanese, French or Spanish just as country specific, but rather online language market shares! Just as an example, aside from all countries where Spanish is spoken, one of the most active Hispanic online markets is in the U.S.!
WWW = World Wide Web. Is your website really reaching worldwide?
The time has come to implement action on a global scale!
For fun, test your global knowledge by taking the following quiz:

Dog Breeders – Building Your Brand Online

Are you a dog breeder? You should know that there are hundreds of online tools that you can use to grow your customer base. As the pet market grows, along with the demand for pedigreed dogs and the use of the Internet as a purchasing tool, you want your business to be at the forefront. Online tools not only create a global web presence, they also allow you to network with other breeders and get a chance to really choose your prospective pet buyers.

This article can help dog breeders like you learn more about the various ways to reach a much greater market via the Internet, so keep reading for some great tips.

Online Pet and Dog Classifieds

A direct method is to advertise your business using an online pet classifieds website. Utilize websites such as Find a Pet Online which targets pet lovers all throughout North America and really, across the globe. You can post your information, business details, pedigrees, upcoming litters and services through the pet forums and classified pages. Because the site is so specialized, the users you’ll get to interact with are the very same dog-loving customers you want for your niche market.

Business Review Sites

Every business owner knows that word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising. This is where online review communities like Yelp can really help your dog breeding business. These are online city guides cum websites that could help shape the opinion of other people about you. For example, if a satisfied client of yours leaves a favorable review about you and your puppies, your business has just been positively reviewed on a global website with an audience of millions of potential customers.

Online Pet and Dog Communities

Message boards or online forums are great outlets for you to make your business known. A lot of pet owners use these web communities to look for suggestions, feedback and, of course, helpful tips on where and how to find a dog. Basically, these pet owners and future pet owners visit message boards actively seeking referrals. Just imagine how this could work in your favor if you’re already a member of that forum and you also have good feedback to boot! So, never underestimate the power of forum marketing – this can lead to good business leads as well as a positive reputation.

Social Networking

Last but definitely not the least, if you think that social networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn are timewasters, think again! They are a great way to advertise your pets and services online.

Because a ready network is already in place, you can be assured that steady traffic can get to view your profile page. Another way of thinking of it is imagining that your friend’s sister’s boss is looking for a purebred Bulldog and you posted on your social networking profile that you breed Bulldogs. Your friend’s sister sees it, tells her boss about you and all of a sudden, you have a new customer.

With these four main ways to grow your dog breeding business online, your market opportunities are endless. With just a little bit of patience and steady diligence on your part including time spent joining forums, filling up profiles and posting ads, your dog breeding business will be well on its way to success.