Midlink Magazine – A Must Have Subscription for the Middle School Teacher

The apparent purpose of the Midlink Magazine sight is to be an outlet for students, ages eight to eighteen, to submit and review art and writing. It is an award-winning magazine that is nonprofit It is sponsored by North Carolina State University and the University of Central Florida. Its bullets include newest articles, table of contents, web honor roll, search strategies, cool schools, teacher tools, archives, our mission, and who we are The editors of Midlink are very successful teachers, grades K-12, who have produced this website as they say, “by students, for students-ages 8-18.”

The content of the site appeals to all teachers of grades K- 12 because of excellent accuracy and utility. When one clicks on teacher tools, for example, findings include clickable topics such as: Helping students cope with terrorism, grant money and funding hotline, and resources for educational leaders and policy makers, and collaborative learning. The site is very user friendly and includes a variety of graphics that are cute and clickable. Another example would be under teacher tools, whereby you can search a variety of topics including: rubrics, graphic organizers, teaching resources, copyright guidelines for web publishing, and much more Many of these resources can be used to manage web activities, publish web projects, and evaluate your classroom activities. As a teacher, I am also allowed to suggest a site for the editors to review If they believe my site is focused enough, they may choose to include it in their links directory I found the accuracy and utility of the site to be in-depth and user friendly. I would recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

The ease of navigation and the overall appeal of the site are good I would rate it a seven out often on a scale of one to ten. My only suggestion is that sometimes the clickable teacher planning resources are way at the bottom of the page, and one has to go through a few uninteresting or corny graphics to find them I know I tend to want to click on artwork and pictures, and sometimes on this site, I feel that the graphics are in the way instead of helping. Navigation is very effortless, as the left hand side of the website is a different color and bullets are focused with great headings to identify them This site, however, does not have a search box, and that would have been helpful, because grade level information could have been more easily obtained The overall appeal of the site receives a five out often, because the graphics are out of date (cartoon characters sitting at computers, etc.) and it lacks a modern professional appeal

There are a variety of ways that I would utilize the site and promote it to my friends and colleagues One, I would recommend it as a source for grants and projects, because under the section entitled teacher grants there are hundreds of links to grants for everything one can imagine Two, there is a link to this website which includes a teacher planning section with lesson plans, teaching ideas, online student activities, and web links available in these specific categories:

* Language

* Rhetoric

* Literary Genres

* American Literature

* World Literature

I was very impressed with this list, because I can utilize the resources on a daily basis in the classroom by downloading the articles, studying them, and then implementing them in my classroom

Overall, this website would be geared, I believe, toward the middle school student and to all teachers who desire to learn more about teaching to the middle and high school student. There are tons of articles on the teaching of English, Math, Social Studies, Science and Art. There are quite a few elementary level articles, but far more middle and high school. Students at the middle school age would love this site, and I would recommend it to my nephew Gabriel because he loves to draw and write, and I’m sure he would be most grateful to be recognized on the website as a published student “web” author. I’m also certain your son or daughter may be grateful for this awesome recognition as well!

The History of Faith Shoes

Faith Shoes is today one of the oldest and most well known brand of shoes in the United Kingdom.

Faith Shoes is one of the oldest and most well known shoe brands in the United Kingdom and throughout its long and at times chequered history, the one thing that the company has been known for is for making some of the finest shoes for women that have always been in great demand. Today, the Faith Shoe brand is a house hold name all over England. In recent years, it has even expanded as far as the middle east and due to a number of very successful tie ups, the company has established outlets in thousands of locations.

The history of Faith Shoes is quite interesting as it was started by a single person with a drive to make shoes. This person was a Jewish accountant from London called Samuel Faith and he partnered with his wife Terry Faith. The company started out opening store primarily in the south of England and then later on expanded towards the north and the rest of the British mainland. A few years later Samuel Faith retired and his son Jonathan Faith took over the family business.

The company soon after gained a real measure of popularity when it launched a new line called Faith Solo which took styles of shoes that were hot off the catwalks of the fashion weeks in London and other fashion capitals around the world and put them into the Faith Shoes stores around England. This made the brand extremely popular with women because at the time there was no other brand that was making designer shoes available to women in high street shops at price points that almost anyone could afford.

Faith really made it big with some very lucrative tie ups with some of England’s largest brands like Top Shop and later Debenhams. Faith opened up a shoe outlet inside every single Top Shop outlet all over England and later an even more lucrative tie up with the internationally famous British retailer Debenhams that allowed Faith to open new outlets as far away as the Middle East and gain some amount of world wide recognition.

Today the brand is renowned in many countries as one of the finest British brands of shoes and the maker of some of the most fashionable shoe styles that also sells them at some of the most competitive prices and even though the company has gone through some changes of ownership in the half century or so that it has been, it is still going strong.

There Are Many Work From Home Opportunities

Working at home allows you to make a decent living with flexible work hours. This type of work is great for stay at home moms, the elderly retired, students who need a relaxed schedule and those that are unable to step out of the home for any other reason.

This type of work also relieves the pressure of office politics. You can enjoy working at home and at the same time you can earn a decent income.

If you have a computer with an internet connection and a phone, usually that is all you need to get started. You will need to have some basic computer knowledge and communication skills. There are many work from home opportunities available on the internet. Select a job according to your skills and knowledge.

There are many websites on the internet which will connect your skills to the right employer. They are also available to help you find the right schedule to fit your needs. You can work at home either day or night shift.

Medical transcription is one of the fastest growing careers in North America. It does require a certain amount of knowledge and skills. There are institutions that give medical transcription courses. This helps you get a better career started and earn a decent income.

Mystery shopping is yet another legitimate work from home job a perfect outlet to work at home ideas for those people that are unable to leave their home. Mystery shopping has a very flexible work schedule.

There are a number of work from home opportunities available on the internet. But sorting out the legitimate job opportunities can be a difficult task. There are websites that will assist you in sorting out legitimate offers, for a fee of course but in the long run this may be cheaper than going it alone.

Before beginning any work at home opportunity, clarify everything that will be expected of you. A better understanding of the job and its requirements will eliminate the chances of failure. It may take time to find the right opportunity but you will be reward for the extra effort.