Your North Carolina Furniture Source is the International Home Furnishings Market

North Carolina furniture is some of the best value per dollar furniture in the world. So much so, that people travel from all over the world to attend the annual furniture event in High Point each year, only twice per year.

The best thing about this event is that all of your most of your favorite furniture stores and manufactures attend! Making this the easiest most convenient time to do your one stop furniture shopping.

North Carolina has been a furniture producing state since the late 1800’s. The quality is some of the finest around. This is what attracts over 100,000 visitors from around the world to High Point each year.

Some of the folks that attend this are first time home buyers, interior designers and decoraters, furniture enthusiasts, and your regular furniture bargain shopper.

The best part about this event is that you can easily research the manufactures and outlets attending online before The International Home Furnishings Market. This will allow you to make the most effeceint use of your time while browsing over the 2,300 exhibits that are said to be the reason for employing as many as 13,000 people.

This makes it a good place to find furniture bargains and special wholesale items. When attending the event here are some tips to be sure you walk away with a killer deal in your budget.

1. Begin with the end in mind. Know what you want before you arrive at the North Carolina Furniture Extravaganza. This clear vision of what you want will keep you focused on why you came. It will also help keep you from making any unnecessary purchases… Unless of course, that is your purpose (you just like ‘shopping’).

2. Put together a budget for each of the furniture pieces you are looking for starting with your total budget. A good way to tell what a certain piece of furniture may go for is to do some research online before you come. You will know for sure weather you have found a good bargain or not.

3. Focus your energy and your attention when you come. It is easy to get distracted because of all the different vendors. For sure, there is something for everyone but not everything is for everybody. If you stay focused on why you came, it will save you time and save your feet.

Each April and October, High Point earns the right to call itself #1 not only in North Carolina Furniture, but as the host of a world-class international furniture show. Black’s Furniture, Greensboro, NC, is an active and proud participant each year.

Local Search And Mobile Search Is Fast Morphing Into a Web 3.0 Online Marketing “Perfect Storm”

As we all settle and get our sea legs back in the new, Web 2.0 online marketing environment, those of us who will thrive I suspect are the firms who are already keeping a sharp eye on the horizon for the sea change that will be Web 3.0. For the small business or large firm that is already coming to terms with the burgeoning traffic that is streaming through their doors – whether the doors lead to their website or their ‘bricks-and-mortar’ retail establishment – adopting and adapting to Web 2.0 has meant they have come to terms with and embraced the emergence of their customers’ or clientele’s radically enhanced local search and mobile search capabilities. Increasingly techno-savvy patrons want to be able to send the key words for what it is they are looking for out to the world-wide Web and be directed to the products and services that are conveniently available to them where they are, wherever that is in the world – whether that is right down the block they live on in Leeds, in downtown London, or across the world in Lebanon or Kuala Lampour.

When Google CEO, Eric Schmidt sat down with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo recently, he extolled the virtues of being able to pull out his handheld mobile, key “in Starbukcs” and immediately have Google Maps directions to the nearest outlet where he could purchase a cup of Starbuck’s finest. As Nokia, Apple, RIM and other leaders in handheld technologies come out with mobile phones and hand helds that are functioning ever more similarly to a cumbersome laptop – and as Google, Amazon and Microsoft work away at getting the files and data we currently store on our hard drives lodged in the ethernet through “cloud computing” (where programs and the data will be stored far off-site on vast data and server farms instead of on our actual computers) – the ability of end users to creatively use technology to access the best, most innovative and locally convenient services and products will be almost incomprehensibly enhanced. This is Web 3.O . . . and this is what the most forward thinking Web 2.0 online marketing aficionados are already trying to figure out how to tap into.

The Spring 2008 edition of tq Magazine, a review of IT strategies for business produced by The Globe and Mail, Canada’s leading newspaper daily, observes that even amongst those of us who will not admit it, “geek envy” still flourishes. Whereas the allure and status of having a mobile phone has waned as economies in Europe, North America and elsewhere approach near 100% coverage and everyone seems to carry or have access to mobile technology- even 11-year olds, who carry a pay-as-you-go to keep in touch with parents and friends – having the latest mobile search screens, video components, media players and so forth on our web-adapted mobile ‘phone’ has not. It is not only large businesses at the cutting edge of technology’s latest trends but small businesses and mid-size firms that are recognizing they will have to prepare themselves for an ever larger slice of their revenue originating in digital search, and that the digital search itself is evermore apt to be premised on local search terms and key words, while being keyed in from a mobile source.

Currently, Google accounts for about 85% of all searches in the UK, and 1 in 7 of these searches is on Google’s UK search page. When one breaks that down further and includes locale specific terms that are typed in – ‘Bristol camera shop’, ‘Devon cottage rental’ etc. – the percentage of local searches soars. With Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps pinpointing where to find local wares and services, the potential for revenue growth should makes the case for ensuring one’s business site and establishment are findable by the search engine giants a top Web 2.0 business priority. As Web 3.0 technologies emerge, combining current technologies with “cloud computing” capability and every mobile phone’s capacity to have its location precisely detailed through the built in GPS technology that already exists, the move from staid old laptops and redundant desktops to hand-held, text and audio-capable computing and search ready mobiles becomes inevitable.

“Today’s mobile is not your father’s phone,” tq Magazine notes. It concludes, and rightly so it seems, that with mobiles fast “morphing into a computer with telephony features”, Web 3.0 will not only be about the availability of democratized information – whether for entertainment, shopping or business – but will be “about all that, anywhere, where mobility and connectivity converge with our lifestyles.” As technologies, mobility and lifestyles collide and merge into the perfect storm that will be Web 3.0 – and they will – it is those small businesses and large businesses that have gotten their sea legs in Web 2.0 and are already unfurling their sails to catch the renewed prevailing winds of Web 3.0’s technological change that will be propelled forward. Now is the time where large and small businesses want to ensure that their websites and online domains are up and running, optimized to take their business forward as Web 3.0 picks up strength. Otherwise, stay in port. . . .

Ashley Bedroom Furniture and Buying Furniture Online

Ashley bedroom furniture is some of the most sought after on the planet. The Ashley Furniture Company was founded on New Year’s Day, 1945 and has since become North America’s top selling furniture brand. The designers and furniture manufacturers at Ashley possess more than just skills needed to make solid, durable furniture; they know that consumers want high degrees of quality, innovative style, a huge selection and excellent customer service all thrown in the mix as well. And of course, that’s what all 6 nationwide Ashley furniture outlets deliver.

Ashley bedroom furniture is the product of a four-tiered business model that has made the Company thrive in all economic conditions, for more than six decades now. At Ashley Furniture, the emphasis is placed upon providing distinct, coordinated product lines that allow consumers to select from various combinations of elegant, lasting furniture for dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and more. Meticulous care is given to every detail for matching the materials, finishes and design standards flawlessly.

You’ll find their furniture irresistibly beautiful, and impressively priced for big savings, especially when you’re buying furniture online. As nice as it is the visit a brick-and-mortar their furniture outlet, you’ll find more Ashley products available for your consideration on the Internet. Further, when you visit an online outlet, you’re going to get better pricing, the same superior customer service – and instant access to products from various other world leading furniture designers and manufacturers as well.

The Ashley Furniture Company makes no bones about the fact that they want to be “The Best Furniture Company” on the planet. They have a distinguished past and continue to forge into the future putting comprehensive customer satisfaction first. Ashley is a proud company that remains sincerely excited to make optimal-quality furnishings for people all over the world. Ashley and every Ashley outlet also cares deeply about the environment. Every effort in every phase of operations is performed with attentive focus to recycling, reusing and replenishing all available natural materials.

Ashley bedroom furniture selections:

• Youth and adult bedroom sets;
• Chairs and ottomans;
• Lamps and rugs;
• Desks and office chairs;
• Mattresses and bedding sets;
• Bunk beds;
• Chests and armoires;
• Dressers and mirrors;
• Bedroom furniture accessories;
• And more!

Never underestimate the power, efficiency and convenience of the Internet to allow you to select from the finest Ashley bedroom furniture available anywhere at any prices. In your personal virtual Ashley outlet, you’ll be able to conveniently deal with all aspects of shopping, purchasing and setting up delivery. Take your time and enjoy a pleasant, money-saving and very safe online purchasing experience.