The Ethical Way to Build a $100 an Hour Online Business (Fast, Fun and Almost Free)

I’m going to start this off with a BOLD promise. And one that, if you’ve struggled to succeed as an online entrepreneur, I don’t expect you to believe.

But that doesn’t make the statement untrue… and if you do your due diligence, you’ll soon see that the promise is 100% true.

Fact: Just about everyone reading this right now CAN earn $100 an hour working from home. It’s not magic. And it’s not necessarily easy. But if you are doing what you truly LOVE and have a strong sense of passion and purpose about your work, it will be the most exciting entrepreneurial journey you’ve ever started… hands down.

The $100 an hour secret is THIS:

There is only ONE contingent of online professionals who do this work full time who have an average hourly income of over $100 her hour.

Some statistics (including those recently published by major news outlets like the NY Times, CNN and others) actually report that the number is higher and goes UP based on the level of specialization you can offer. ($160-$300 +)

The industry is COACHING, consulting and personal services that involve real interaction… often done by email, Skype, small group environments and occasionally (but not necessary) face to face appointments.

Consider this:

If you can find ONE thing to specialize in, and can teach, train and mentor others who want to acquire the very same skill, you can literally write your own income, and you DON’T need to work exceptionally hard to make it happen.

For example – I recently worked with a client who does past life psychic readings over the phone, and in person “regression” readings in her office where appropriate. (most of her business is done over the phone)

Her rate is well north of $200 per hour… and she gets it with ease. (who knew past lives could be so profitable..:-)

She often earns $1000 per hour doing GROUP sessions of 10 people or more in a webinar setting… and while charging less than 50% of her regular rate.

Think this is a rare exception? Think again!

According to the most widely read independent personal service and coaching institutions, the average coach who earns over 6 figures a year ONLY has 5.5 regular clients.

The HIGHEST earning coaches do business and entrepreneurial consulting… many commanding well north of $300 per hour.

I can tell you from first hand experience, you won’t find many affiliates, informational marketers or even online “gurus” who earn that kind of money on average… week over week, and if you have REAL and genuine gifts in what you love, the sky is the limit.

The key is simple.

Start with your passion.

Choose to focus on CONTRIBUTION over cash. And progress over profit.

Be creative and make it about the MATH more than the marketing.

Find a small group of people who will pay you small fees that collectively add up to your target income goal per hour… and then put them all into the same “space” together. (a webinar, a telesememinar, a conference call or if geographically possible, in the same physical space)

When you’ve built up some experience, and some real clients who will sing your praises… you will be amazed at how many people will pay you what you are TRULY worth and how much fun you’ll have doing what you LOVE for a living as well!